April 18, 2012

Cholesterol and Inflammation…. OH MY!!!

This is a website I frequent and highly trust! Marks Daily Apple always has the science and articles to present to validate his posts. Mark also has a very unique way of informing even the most uninformed! This particular article is on Cholestrol. I … Continue reading »

April 16, 2012

Meet Suzanne!!

Suzanne was one of our first new MOVERS at our indoor location. She has always been receptive to what we’ve had to say and has a great learners mentality–which is key if you want results. And results is what she … Continue reading »

April 13, 2012

What happens to your body after consuming a Coke or similar sodas?

Found this post on a friends page on Facebook. I found it extremely relevant to the gospel we preach at MOVE When somebody drinks a Coke watch what happens… In The First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your … Continue reading »

April 11, 2012

101 on Your Adrenals

Do you bust your butt to get into shape and still not seeing the results you want? Are you getting the results you want, but feel like you have been hit by a truck? Aren’t you supposed to feel good … Continue reading »