January 29, 2013

Are You Self-Loving? Or Self-Sabotaging?

The Journey to Finding Out What MOVES You: Part I In the realm of fitness it is so easy to get caught up in self-sabotage. We let our ego take over and stop listening to our body. We over-train, we … Continue reading »

January 23, 2013

New MOVEment at MOVE!

January 17, 2013

2 Weeks into Our Gluten-Free Year

Katy and I are just over two weeks into our one year of gluten-free eating and we have already learned a few invaluable lessons! Being in a health conscious city like Austin has actually played in our favor. Many places … Continue reading »

January 3, 2013

Making Tea Manly!

Over the holidays, Katy and I spent a day in the mall because we were getting T-shirts made for our Annual New Year’s X-box Kinect tournament with some friends of ours. It was Husbands Vs Wives. Needless to say the … Continue reading »