September 24, 2013

Coach Erin Puts the FUN in RUN!

Yo yo yo MOVERs, Coach Erin here, reporting for duty! I am excited to share with you my fitness journey through the written word and why I love to MOVE! If you don’t already know, I love to run! You can frequently find me running to and from MOVE workouts, racing during the weekends, or teaching run groups at Freescale. Running has always been a lifelong passion of mine and my favorite way to MOVE! My blogs will focus on my running experience, improving form and technique, building endurance and why running is such an important part of our MOVE workouts and a long, happy life!

But first things first, here’s why I am addicted to running: my family is crazy. I am not a “Daddy’s Girl.” I have too many sisters (4) to be my father’s favorite. But my dad had an equal desire for all of us to be active starting at a young age. I began running in road races (5-15K’s) in and around Racine and later Dallas. There weren’t too many kids participating in road races in the 80’s, and the youngest age division for most races was 19 and under, so usually the odds were in favor of the Penque girls. My dad and mom participated in these races, which is why it became a family affair.

When we weren’t running circles around the YMCA (funny how no other kids in our town were out there), my dad mowed a 1/3 mile loop around the seven acres on our property. No need to keep the “running path” mowed; the girls took care of that with our countless miles around our house. Before each road race, my dad would sit us down individually and give us each the same pep talk to do our best and out-run each other. (You can see from the photo my year-and-a-half older sister, #149, was tough competition!)

What I have always loved about running is how good it is for the body and soul. It can be a time of reflection, prayer, and an appreciation of the body in nature. It builds mental toughness and pushes limits. I depended on running for time outside, meditation, and to stay in shape. You can run just about anywhere, just lace up a pair of shoes and go explore! (More about that in future blogs). :)

I hope you’ll join me for some FREE group runs with other MOVERs! Look for times and locations on the MOVE Facebook page. All levels of runners are welcome. Just showing up is one step in the right direction of many to follow!

XO Erin

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