January 22, 2015

What kind of MOVEr are you?

What kind of MOVEr are you?

We will be the first to admit, we love a good sweat. We like to “feel” that we got a good workout in. Increasing speed, fighting against the pain, pressing our muscles to failure, and exerting every last drop of power leaves us feeling like a beast.

In fact, as high-intensity interval training has become increasingly popular, we believe most people think they need to feel a sense of a butt kicking, to know they accomplished their workout. After pushing the limits, other workouts just don’t “feel” like enough.


We are here to tell you that this is not true.

Sometimes we need to slow down and not worry about being first. We don’t always have to beat the guy or gal sitting next to us, just to prove something. Faster is not always better and high-intensity training does hit a point of diminishing returns.

What we are getting at is, always pushing the pace is not necessary for progress. There is a time for all-out exertion, and we as coaches will let you know when that time is, but a good workout does not have to end with losing your lunch. Progress depends on many other factors, one of those being an overall plan.

For this reason, our program is methodical, not random. Each workout is not standalone, but a piece of the bigger picture

. The method works, so long as you stick to it and trust the process.

Now, what are we proposing you do? We want you to slow down to push yourself a little harder. Yes, you read that right. Slow down to push harder. Slow down to progress. Slow down to MOVE better. And you will progress.

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