April 21, 2015

Your Foam Roller Isn’t Advil

…It shouldn’t be used only when in pain. Our society has been scarred by the reactionary principle of self care.  This reactionary principle flows even into the fitness realm.  People will remain as active as they can to achieve their … Continue reading »

April 20, 2015

MOVEr Spotlight: Cara Bush

Congratulations to MOVE member Cara Bush! Tell us about yourself! I am self-employed in graphic design and print production. A wonderful husband, Michael, and two great dogs, Beaux and Gretchen, keep me happy and busy at home. I have enjoyed participating … Continue reading »

April 8, 2015

The Blessing is in a Beautiful Mindset

My contacts are in, my workout clothes are on, my shoes are tied. I am ready to go! Dang. I still have the nagging feeling of wanting to quit before I even started. Why does exercise sometimes feel like a … Continue reading »