June 24, 2015

Life Isn’t Fair and Neither is Fitness

Believe it or not, man is not created equal. We have quirks, abnormalities, limitations, and differences. We are hardwired differently so our bodies and minds behave differently. This is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing! How … Continue reading »

June 10, 2015

Travel & Fitness = FUN!

Summertime!!! Who doesn’t love to go on holiday? Get away from your daily routine and really relax? And with each travel experience you experience new cultures; this means trying new foods, sleeping a bit more, and leaving your fitness routines … Continue reading »

June 4, 2015

For all you MOVEr parents out there…

I commend you! With this post being sandwiched between Mother’s and Father’s day, I thought I’d show my appreciation to all you parents by commending you on your efforts to make MOVEing a priority in this season of life that is … Continue reading »

June 1, 2015

MOVEr Spotlight: Kate Wilde

Congratulations Kate Wilde! -MOVEr since July 2012- Tell us about yourself! I was born and raised in Wisconsin (“Go Pack Go!”)! I travel back twice a year to see my mom, sister, and extended family; we all live within a … Continue reading »