September 22, 2015

“I feel like I have myself back!” MOVE Nutrition Challenge Testimonial

Why Commit to the Nutrition Challenge?

By MOVEr Lynette Kilgore

Lynette stands tall after completing the Nutrition Challenge that helped her healthy habits to be her best self!

Lynette stands tall after completing the Nutrition Challenge! The challenge helped her stick to healthy habits to be her best self!

This summer was a bit sporadic with lots of travel and spending time at my mother’s house with my sisters and nephews.  So, while I was working out more, I still was not eating the way I knew would help me reach my ultimate goal of being thinner, leaner, and stronger.  Again, I knew what I probably should be doing, but honestly just didn’t have the confidence to know exactly what I needed to do.  I was paralyzed by too much information.   All one has to do is read Facebook/Pinterest/Internet on any given day to find out what all the current diet trends are, all of which tell you what NOT to eat.  Really, so much of the advice is based on not eating more than 1200 calories a day.  When the Summer Shred was announced, I felt like it was perfect timing.  When I went to Eric’s nutritional seminar before it started I was excited.  I felt like it was telling me what I could eat instead of what I couldn’t eat. The program works well for me because I tend to do well with boundaries, as long as I have freedom within those boundaries. I get to make choices that work for me, and I don’t have to count every last calorie. It was kind of freeing! 

I have to admit, I was a little scared and intimidated when I started.  I found myself saying things like:

“But I don’t cook.”

“Food prep is for people that are way more organized.”

“Four weeks without wine???” 

WOW, what a difference four weeks can make!  In those four weeks, I found myself looking forward to cooking, sharing recipes, and finding ways to eat healthy even in challenging situations like business dinners or happy hours.  Some days were harder than others, and I did find myself getting a little tired of vegetables, but thankfully Coach Eric gave us good recipes and practical tips to make things easier.  (Thank you, Topo Chico and La Croix!)  I liked getting the articles and information that Eric provided.  I like knowing the ‘why’ behind what I am doing. I can’t say that I don’t still have days that are harder than others,  but now I have the tools to make better decisions. 

I started the challenge, let’s be honest, because I wanted to lose weight and fit back into my closet full of clothes. What I realized is that it changed me in other ways as well. I am sleeping better, getting better works outs, and overall just having more focus and energy. But I, have to confess, I also love being able to wear things that I haven’t been able to wear for 2.5 years.  I couldn’t have done it without the support, encouragement, accountability, and knowledge I received in those four short weeks.  I still have a ways to go, but through Move and the amazing Sumer Shred, I feel like I have myself back.

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Free Nutrition Workshop – Wednesday, Sept. 23rd @ 6:45PM

Fall Nutrition Challenge (8 weeks) – Starts Monday, Sept. 28th ($250 – email to sign up!)

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