September 29, 2015

MOVEr Spotlight: The Tarrant Sisters!

Yay Natalie and Huntley Tarrant – Super MOVErs since 2013!!!

Tell us about yourselves!

Natalie: I am a Pediatrician by day and mother of one fabulous 5-year-old by night (Cora). I enjoy gardening, sewing, and exercising (duh!) in my free time. I work hard and tend to be a perfectionist, but I strive to keep my priorities straight and my life balanced.

Mom Natalie, Cora, and Auntie Huntley enjoying MOVing in the great city of Austin!

Mom Natalie, Cora, and Auntie Huntley enjoying MOVing in the great city of Austin!

Huntley: Most people just know me as Natalie’s younger (albeit significantly taller) sister. I work in the business world for a software company by day (and often well into the night). I love my work, but I work pretty long hours. Hence, when I’m not at work, it’s important for me to spend time with my friends, family and two dogs (both mutts – one from APA and one from the mean streets of Houston). I’m also always looking for ways to be active to help counter my long hours sitting behind a desk. MOVE is a big part of this for me, but I mix it up by adding in running, swimming, volleyball, cycling, hiking, or whatever strikes my fancy. 

What inspired you to become a MOVEr?

Natalie: I’m just trying to be healthier, simple as that. I eat lots of vegetables and wear lots of sunscreen, too! In my adult life, I’ve always tried to maintain a degree of fitness in at least some way: running, cycling, working out at a gym, etc. However, I’ve never found a program that had this much balance to it. I couldn’t be more pleased than I am with MOVE!

Huntley: In addition to being super convenient (only about a mile from both my house and Natalie’s), Jarrod and Katy both came highly recommended from a coworker who had previously worked out with the pair. Hence, Natalie and I checked it out one weekend about two years ago on his recommendation. We’ve both been back virtually every week since.

What are your fitness &/or wellness goals?

Sisters Huntley & Natalie are both strong in MOVE and in sisterhood!

Sisters Huntley & Natalie are both strong in MOVE and in sisterhood!

Natalie: I’m not looking to weigh 5# less or lift 10# more. I guess I’m more looking looking to add 5-10 good years to my life! Even more than that, I’m trying to raise my daughter to be a strong, healthy, powerful woman. The best way I can teach her to do those things is to be a good role model. Even when she’s not right beside me, she is learning about life from the way I live mine. That’s a big responsibility and I take it very seriously.

Huntley: Natalie’s much more practical in her assessment of why we both try to stay active: longer lives / less aches and pains / a good example for little ones that are watching… That said, it’d be misleading not to concede that some of our diligence in working out goes to directly counter consumption of chips and queso. Further, I’m a slave to my Fitbit – sad but true. I put this gadget on my arm last September 30 and haven’t missed by 5 miles / 10K steps / 64 ounces of water goals any day since. At times, that has meant going for a run at 11PM in the rain to get my last few steps in… It’s pathetic really…

How has MOVE helped you reach these goals?

Natalie: I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life that I’ve been stronger than I am right now (and I’m quickly closing in on 40!). I’m proud of the work that I do at MOVE and it shows, especially to the one that matters most in my life. I want Cora to grow up and love herself. She’s a Tarrant girl, so she’s obviously going to be strong. A year ago I called Cora strong and she argued, saying “Princesses aren’t strong.” These days, when I tell her the same thing, she growls and shows off her guns. I am winning.

Huntley: I think MOVE has helped me be more balanced in my exercise regimen. The easiest way to serve my Fitbit master would definitely be to just go out for a jog each day. That said, by combining the Fitbit with my work at MOVE, I’m able to ensure that I’m getting a well-rounded exercise regimen. I don’t have to think through planning my workouts to ensure that I’m hitting different muscle groups, maintaining endurance, enhancing flexibility, etc, I can just count on the coaches at MOVE to do all of the thinking on that. That’s definitely best as I can tell you I wouldn’t program nearly enough burpees or pushups into my workout left to my own devices.

How do you stay motivated to be consistent with your MOVE workouts?

Natalie: Staying motivated at MOVE is easy for me. I don’t have a lot of free time in my life, so I always walk in wanting to get the most out of my hour there. I really love the different cycles. I’ll get strength, cardio and stamina over time by just making this one commitment. Anything additional exercise outside of MOVE is just like whipped cream on top! Oh, and I’m also REALLY cheap. If I’m paying for 3 days/week, I WILL GO 3 days/week… even if that means Thursday evening and then Friday morning back-to-back!

Huntley: For me, MOVE is part of my routine, which makes it easy for me to stay consistent. I go in at 6:15A every Monday, every Wednesday and every Friday. Tuesdays, I meet a girlfriend at Town Lake to run with my dogs, and Thursday is my rest day. I usually go for runs or hikes with the dogs over the weekend, too. The only exceptions to this schedule comes if I’m traveling for work or have an extra early meeting. In these cases, I usually make it up on Saturday morning. And, when I’m traveling, it’s rare that I don’t take a deck of cards with me to style a Jarrod/Katy-inspired “deck of cards workout” on the road.

What advice do you have for others to stay active and healthy, or who are not currently active?

Natalie: MOVE is a great place to start. The community is fabulous – there’s an enormous amount of camaraderie inside the gym. The coaches are awesome, constantly watching your form and helping you work through struggles (due to weakness, injury, or simply fatigue). Everything is scalable to your needs, so no matter your age or your fitness level, you will always be challenged just the right amount. And the programming is thoughtfully designed to improve your overall fitness level, not just one aspect of it.

Huntley: Ditto to what Natalie says. The other things I’d add is that you should never underestimate the importance of a fitness community in which you feel comfortable and a schedule that you can turn into a routine. In addition to coaches that are incredibly tuned into my own body oddities (lower back and shoulders are too flexible / hip flexors are always too tight / ankle flexion isn’t where it needs to be / tight calves that contribute to chronic plantar fasciitis / etc), I really have enjoyed working out with and getting to know the other folks at MOVE. They’re encouraging and interesting and inspiring all at the same time. I don’t worry about what I’m wearing or how fast I complete a workout relative to others because the community is such a comfortable one. I find the hardest times for me to work out are when I’ve gotten out of my routine due to vacation or sickness or injury or work travel. Hence, it’s pretty poignant to me just how much having my workout planned as a part of my daily routine matters. For those not currently active, the hardest part will be turning activity into part of your routine. Rest assured that it gets significantly easier once that routine is set.

What are you looking forward to next?

Natalie: The new rig! I can’t wait to see what Jarrod has up his sleeve next!

Huntley: I’m working diligently to try to build up stronger glutes and a stronger core. A perfect storm of mess has given me some on-and-off lower back issues, so I’ve been focused on these areas to help me better stabilize.

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