October 7, 2015


MOVEr Spotlight     Andrew Maebius    MOVEr since June 2012

Tell us about yourself!

I am originally from San Antonio and moved to Austin in 1998.  My wife and I have 3 wonderful kids who are 7, 8 and 10 years old.  I am an attorney by background and work at a commercial real estate development firm that operates in Austin and the surrounding areas.  In addition to MOVE, I enjoy jogging and being outdoors and especially like fly fishing.  These days I spend most of my free time

Andrew and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!

Andrew and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!

watching my kids play basketball, soccer, football and volleyball.

What inspired you to become a MOVEr?

Jogging used to be my primary form of exercise.  But then I decided to add some strength training.  I didn’t want to just go to a gym and lift weights because that seems pretty boring.  I live on Bowman and started noticing a group of people who would run to the stop sign and back every now and then and decided to look into it.  What I like about MOVE is that every workout is different and so it never gets old.  And it’s more than just lifting weights – it’s overall strength training with an added bonus of conditioning.  It was the perfect complement to my morning runs.

What are your fitness &/or wellness goals?

The main reason I workout is to stay healthy.  I try to make MOVE 2 or 3 times a week and try to run 3 times a week.  I don’t have any specific goals on losing weight or lifting a certain amount of weight, but I figure doing MOVE and running will keep me healthy  and make me stronger.

How has MOVE helped you reach these goals?

MOVE has provided a good routine for me.  Because of work and morning carpool duties, early morning is the best time for me to exercise.  The 5:15am MOVE class is the perfect start to my day.  Having a set time each week really helps my workout program stay on schedule.

Also, I did the Nutritional Challenge through MOVE and I learned a lot about what I had been eating and what I should be eating.  I recommend that everyone try the Challenge.

How do you stay motivated to be consistent with your MOVE workouts?

If I don’t get my workout in in the morning, then it tends not to happen.  So I make a point to get to

bed early on the nights before MOVE classes so I can attend.  And the more frequently I go, the easier it is to go.  Every so often I fall off the workout wagon, and it’s tough to get back on.  So

Powerful Andrew!!

Powerful Andrew!!

signing up for classes and going consistently is the best thing to do!  And, I got my 2 running buddies to join the early class with me, so that is a motivating factor.

What advice do you have for others to stay active and healthy, or who are not currently active?

The great thing about MOVE is that you don’t have to be an incredible athlete to do the class and see the benefits.  While it is a group class, you can go at your own pace and do your own weights.  It’s

great to see such a varied demographic attend all the classes.

What are you looking forward to next?

I may do the 10 mile Run for the Water in November, or maybe another Spartan Race. 

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