November 30, 2015

Welcome to the MOVE Team Coach Kate

As most of you know, Kate has been a part of our community for over 3 years now and we could not be more excited that she has joined our team of MOVE coaches!



Everyone knows Kate is awesome, and I witnessed even more awesomeness as she went through our Coaching Development Program. I saw a whole new side of her. She showed such enthusiasm to learn and really dove into the why of our programming. She asked a ton of questions and even helped us improve our CDP program. I really enjoyed fine tuning her coaching skills and getting her ready to train-up our community of MOVERs.

After receiving a bunch of great feedback from all of you through the process and Kate meeting and exceeding her requirements, she is officially a Certified MOVE Coach! Let me be the first to say, Welcome to the Team!!

She will be coaching the MWF at 8:15am and in the new year, MWF at 7:15am.







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