November 9, 2015

Why Progressions??

October 16, 2015


October 6, 2015


  Let me know your thoughts! Have you been staying “comfortable” in your training routine? Post in the comments section your goal for getting outside your comfort zone so we can help improve your movement and fitness level.

August 11, 2015

MOVE for Mutts! Who doesn’t love fur babies?

  At MOVE Austin Fitness, we are a community of wonderful people who strive for healthy, active lifestyles. We are also animal lovers! Similar to the health benefits of exercise, pet owners can experience a better quality of life! In … Continue reading »

July 21, 2015

The Oxygen Mask Theory

What is the Oxygen Mask Theory? When you’re on a plane and if the oxygen masks fall, the attendants tell you to help yourself first and then proceed in helping others. It’s a theory I heard on Lewis Howes’ Podcast, … Continue reading »

June 4, 2015

For all you MOVEr parents out there…

I commend you! With this post being sandwiched between Mother’s and Father’s day, I thought I’d show my appreciation to all you parents by commending you on your efforts to make MOVEing a priority in this season of life that is … Continue reading »

May 7, 2015

4 “Secrets” to become a better MOVER 4 Life!

I may sound like a broken record when I say I want nothing more than to make each and everyone one of you a better version of yourselves! Not in my eyes, but better in your eyes! I could have my … Continue reading »

May 4, 2015

MOVEr Spotlight: The Lolley Family

                                       Congratulations Lolley Family!                  -MOVErs since the beginning of MOVE at Reed Park in … Continue reading »

February 19, 2015

Conquer Your Goals with MOVE!

MOVE is not your typical gym. We don’t want to spend all day working out, hanging out in the locker rooms, grabbing a smoothie, and catching a TV show on the treadmill. We are also not all performance athletes or … Continue reading »

February 4, 2015

What it means to be a MOVEr (to me)

  Recently, I visited the second largest canyon in the nation, the magnificent Palo Duro Canyon. While I was running through the beautiful formation, I was awestruck at the beauty that is in our backyard! The canyon has many incredible … Continue reading »