September 3, 2015

Welcome Coach Jason to MOVE!

By Erin

By Coach Jason Magee

Hello MOVERS!! Coach Jason here and I am beyond excited at being given the opportunity to be here as a coach. Over the past couple months I have gotten acquainted with most of you and I am pumped to be joining the crew here. You all ROCK!!

Coach Jason stingin' like a bee!

Coach Jason stingin’ like a bee!

I am a Texas native that grew up in Fort Worth. During my junior high and high school years I was active in football, basketball and track. I got into lifting weights young, because it helped me in my sports I played. I had dreams I would be a pro football player or basketball player, like most boys do, but we soon realize that isn’t going to happen. That’s where other avenues of interest came up for me. After high school I wanted to be an actor, so I decided to go for it and all the while my activity level decreased. Then came one of my first jobs in acting, an industrial film for Radio Shack. Like those corporate work videos you watch when you’re new at work. I was watching a playback and was wondering who the big guy was with the same shirt has me. “Dude, that’s you,” the camera guy said laughing. “Me?” I thought. I’m not that big. I mean the camera adds 10 pounds, but I looked BIG. What happened? I’ve always been “naturally” in shape. Seriously, what’s the problem here? The problem was no commitment to diet, exercise and overall wellness.

Coach Jason's days of acting and modeling! This ad was on a billboard on Hollywood Blvd!

Coach Jason’s days of acting and modeling! This ad was on a billboard on Hollywood Blvd!

Not being in school anymore, the extra curricular activity wasn’t as easily available. There wasn’t football anymore, basketball had wrecked my knee, so I needed a new competitive activity, I wanted working out to be fun, something I enjoyed doing. That’s when I decided to take up boxing. When I started boxing I was a 190 pounder, not three months later, I was a flying like a butterfly, stinging like a bee 160 pounder. It felt great, I had visible abs and could breathe with ease. I even had a go in a couple tournaments as a welterweight (that’s 147 pounds), granted those tournaments taught me that I didn’t want to be a pro boxer, but that I did always want to be healthy and active from then on. That’s also when I got the itch to help people be active and healthy. I started helping my then boxing coach. I would put workouts together for the amateur team, hold mitts, help with healthy weight cuts and just talk general health with the guys. I loved it.

MOVEr Victoria & Coach Jason

Lovebirds! MOVEr Victoria & Coach Jason

While I didn’t initially pursue training people (I mean I was gonna be a star of the screen!), my wellness always was at the forefront of what I did.  I am always looking to keep my self moving, be it working out, jiu jitsu, or just walking with my beautiful wife (and MOVEr!), Victoria, and our two dogs, Tito and Rocky.  After years of pursuing the acting career in LA, the desire to help others with health and fitness kept tugging at me. I would teach people boxing and train them while I worked out at the beach and really started to dig it. I realized I wanted to share my eagerness of well being with others, which brought me to MOVE!!! Since I moved back to Texas, I decided to dive into coaching and proudly here I am after completing my NSCA training certification! I am very excited to share my enthusiasm of health and fitness with everyone in the MOVE community. I look forward to getting to know everyone and help you reach your goals!

September 2, 2015

Let’s Talk Big Picture

By Jake

When it comes to health and fitness,

everyone has a goal they are trying to achieve.  Here are a few we hear on a daily basis:


I want to lose weight, have a 6 pack, feel justified drinking my wine at night, move better, be out of pain, overcome a nagging injury, etc.  While we take pride in the quality and effectiveness of our programming, and truly believe our classes can put you on the right track to achieving your goals, it’s important to remember the big picture:

There are 168 hours in a week and we only see you 1-4 hours of those 168.

With this in mind, allow me to ask some thought-provoking questions to some of these goals:

1.  How is your diet?  Are you fueling your body for recovery and nourishing it with foods that combat inflammation and weight gain?  How much alcohol are you consuming a day? Over the weekend?

If there isn’t a healthy balance of proper nutrition outside of classes, it will be an uphill battle to reach weight loss or performance goals.  Even if you do Airdyne sprints.









2.  How is your sleep?  Are you getting enough quality sleep each night?

Numerous studies have shown the importance of adequate sleep to aid in recovery, weight loss, stress reduction, and more.  Poor sleep quality may lead to increased appetite, fat storage, and even worse-Adrenal fatigue.


3.  How much rehab/prehab are you doing outside of class?  Are you only doing the mobility and durability work we program in class?  If so, are you noticing your injuries continuing to linger?  Are you foam rolling regularly, receiving massages, ART or other forms of bodywork?  Are you sick of always getting modifications because you just want to be able to do what the rest of class is doing?  Does it take you a lot longer to get warm?

Being a manual therapist and a coach, this topic is something I have become pretty passionate about.  Movement is a key factor in helping with injuries.  Our programming includes some great corrective, rehab/prehab exercises, but CLASS IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH VOLUME to produce the lasting results needed.  If you’re overcoming an injury or a movement disfunction, it requires daily work outside of class to help reset the body to better functioning movement patterns and lasting pain reduction.  The extra work doesn’t need to be dozens of exercises that take an additional hour out of the day, but rather a very small number of resets performed frequently throughout the day.  If you feel like the movements we do in class are beneficial, use a few of them at home every day, and see how it helps you.

I’m extremely proud to see our members’ dedication to stay as consistent as possible with our Move classes.  It’s really paying off for a lot of you in so many ways.  Just remember that for those who have more specific goals beyond simply getting a great workout in, it will require more than 3-4 hours of the 168 in your week.





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August 17, 2015

MOVEr Spotlight: Scott Kidd

By Erin

True Texan

True Texan

Tell us about yourself!

Well, lets see, I am a native born and raised Austinite and practice law here in town. I am an avid Horns fan, love to hunt, fish, ski, really just about anything outdoors. Just living the dream in the ATX! 

What inspired you to become a MOVEr?

I had always been reasonably active, from high school and college athletics to running and lifting afterwards, but had let myself go and gotten really lackadaisical about fitness, and it showed. I decided it was about time and that I wanted to get dedicated and get back in shape. Some good friends had been going to MOVE for a while and raved about the workouts, the trainers, and the atmosphere, so I decided to give it a shot. After a workout or two, I was hooked and have been coming ever since.

What are your fitness &/or wellness goals?

I want to get stronger, slimmer, and healthier, as do most people, I think. I like seeing my PR’s go up and my waistline go down….  I also have a bad back from old football and rugby injuries. It used to go out frequently and I would be laid up until it would relax, which could take days. I knew with a stronger core, this would happen less and so improving core strength was (and is) also a goal of mine. 

How has MOVE helped you reach these goals?

Scott is addicted to his MOVE workouts – the results and smile proves it!

MOVE really has helped me reach and continue to pursue those goals. First, the workouts are seriously great. It helps to have coaches that knows what they are doing program your workouts as they do at MOVE. Before I joined MOVE and was working out on my own, I thought I was getting in good workouts, but boy was I wrong. As it  turns out, I was really only doing the exercises that I enjoyed and/or was good at, and skipping those that were challenging- which are obviously the same ones that are the most beneficial! Coming to MOVE has made my overall fitness leaps and bounds better than where it was before I started, and the gains keep coming. The encouragement of the coaches at MOVE really keeps you motivated and the community that MOVE fosters makes it a great and fun place to workout. The benefits of the Nutrition Challenge that I did through MOVE cannot be understated, and I would encourage anyone looking to drop a few to give that a shot. I was very hesitant to participate in the challenge, but after some prodding from Jarrod (and maybe a little wager) I figured I would give it a shot, and am so glad I did. And with all the core exercises my back hasn’t gone out in months! 

How do you stay motivated to be consistent with your MOVE workouts?

Sure, it can be hard to sign up for a Monday class after relaxing weekend and a few days off, but I just feel so much better after a workout and have loved the results that I have seen that staying motivated to attend really hasn’t been an issue. When you see results, when you feel better, and when the time spent at the gym is fun, albeit difficult, its easy to stay motivated. Once you get a taste for the workouts, they are down right addicting. 

What advice do you have for others to stay active and healthy, or who are not currently active?

Just get out there and start. You don’t need to set any records, just start somewhere and keep going. The more fit you get, the more fit you want to become. Its a vicious cycle but in the best possible way.  

What are you looking forward to next?

Continuing reaching goals and seeing results! 

August 11, 2015

MOVE for Mutts! Who doesn’t love fur babies?

By Erin


MOVE owners Katy & Jarrod  Freshour's fur baby Waffles has an equal thirst for adventure!

MOVE owners Katy & Jarrod Freshour’s fur baby Waffles has an equal thirst for adventure!

At MOVE Austin Fitness, we are a community of wonderful people who strive for healthy, active lifestyles. We are also animal lovers! Similar to the health benefits of exercise, pet owners can experience a better quality of life!

In fact, for nearly 25 years, research has shown that caring for pets provides certain health benefits. Pets help lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety. They boost our immunity and can even help you get dates! Hey, singles only here!

MOVErs Erin & Mike Johnston's senior fur baby Caesar Bug loves Austin parks and fancy footwear.

MOVErs Erin & Mike Johnston’s senior fur baby Caesar Bug loves Austin parks and fancy footwear.

MOVE for Mutts is a fundraiser to support Austin Pets Alive! Tarrytown. Unlike other animal shelters, Austin Pets Alive! is not your average animal shelter. They maintain comprehensive, innovative programs designed to save the animals most at risk for euthanasia. Your donations make a difference!

Your dollars are saving lives:

$250 – Saves the life of one dog or cat

$100 – Basic medical care for one dog or cat

$50 – Vaccines for a litter of puppies

$25 – Milk for a litter of kittens 

We hope to see our MOVErs and community at MOVE for Mutts on Saturday, Sept. 12th at Austin Pets Alive in Tarrytown for a family fun fitness event! Our goal is to raise at least $2500 for APA!

Want to donate early? Please email or drop off your check/cash in our studio!

***Sweet Revenge Week: Aug. 31 – 6th: Highest member donation that week gets to program a 30-60 minute workout for the MOVE coaches!

Austin Pets Alive! and MOVE Austin Fitness appreciate your support!

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July 29, 2015

Programming and the ideal training schedule at MOVE

By Coach Jarrod

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.23.02 PM
MOVE Programming is what we believe makes us different than other studios. Our thoughtful programming is designed to progress each person safely through our functional fitness cycles: Strength, Work Capacity, and Stamina, which are proven to help you MOVE the way you were meant to and minimize over-training and injury. We recommend 3x/week to maximize your movement potential, however you can make great strides with 2x/week.

Is a 3-week cycle focused strictly on getting stronger at the foundational movements (Press, Push Press, Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Box Squats, Hip Thrusts, Split Squats, Floor Press, and Pull-ups) which makes your everyday tasks simpler. There will be a small amount of high intensity work (maintenance) within this cycle. Mobility and durability are included in every MOVE workout.

Work Capacity:
Is a 3-week cycle focused on improving your anaerobic threshold with high intensity training. This cycle is very mentally challenging but rewarding, and during this cycle most members see their biggest improvements. There will be small amounts of strength (maintenance) in this cycle to maintain what you have gained in the previous strength cycle. Mobility and durability are included in every MOVE workout.

Is a 2-week cycle focused on nonstop MOVE-ing for the duration of the hour you are in class. You should be able to hold a conversation throughout the entire workout. If you cannot hold a conversation you are going too hard. Pull it back. Mobility and durability are included in every MOVE workout.

Mobility and durability will always be a part of every cycle and every workout. It will help, if not guarantee, that you will stay healthy while you learn to become an awesome MOVER!

Is a 1-week “break” between each of the cycles. We use our transition weeks to test or retest movements depending on our focus within a given cycle. Within the transition week we also give more emphasis on core, mobility and recovery.

Maintenance Workouts:
Maintenance Workouts are periods within a cycle that are not our main focus, but a workout with the idea of not losing what we have already gained in previous cycles.


Why are maintenance workouts are important during Strength, Work Capacity, and Stamina Cycles???

Strength Cycle:
Work Capacity maintenance is important to maintain a certain level of conditioning and fitness while we are moving heavier loads and getting stronger.

Work Capacity Cycle:
Strength maintenance is there to help maintain a level of strength while we are pushing the pace on Work Cap days.

Stamina Cycle:
Both Work Capacity maintenance and Strength maintenance are utilized during Stamina to maintain a certain level of conditioning, fitness and strength while we are working on endurance and mental fitness.

Ideal Training Schedule for 3X/Week:
2 cycle focus days and 1 maintenance day

Ideal Training Schedule for 2X/Week:
1 cycle focus day and 1 maintenance day

If you have any more questions about our programming and want more clarification please feel free to reach out!

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July 28, 2015

MOVEr Spotlight: Genny Hardeman Hill

By Erin

Tell us about yourself!

MOVErs Chris and Genny

MOVErs Chris and Genny

I have been married for a little over a year to my husband, Chris, and we are both native Austinites.  We have three dogs, Ellie, Charlie, and Piper and three other dogs in the family that are very frequent visitors at our house.  I have an identical twin sister, Joy (who has recently started coming to MOVE too), and an older brother. I am a co-owner of Continental Automotive Group, along with my brother and father. I feel extremely lucky to live and do business in a city that is growing and changing at an exponential rate. Learning the day-to-day operations of the car business gives me the knowledge and experience to adapt to whatever the future may bring.

Health and exercise have always been important to my family, so working in the family business has afforded me the flexibility and time to fit a workout in everyday.  The “flexibility” in my schedule is about to change, however, since Chris and I are expecting a baby BOY in September!  The baby’s schedule will certainly dictate when I’ll be able to workout, but my goal is to come to MOVE a few times a week in the morning and then jog with the baby in our neighborhood the other days. I am actually really excited about being able to go on longer, relaxing jogs again since that is the one thing that being pregnant has not allowed me to do.  It’s just not as easy to run when you are carrying a medicine ball on your torso! 

What inspired you to become a MOVEr?

I have been active my whole life, and my love of fitness really began in high school.  While playing tennis in high school, fitness and conditioning played an integral role in our program and that has stayed with me through the years.  I try and stay healthy and fit by  running, doing Pilates and attending a myriad of other exercise classes.  When I heard about MOVE and its fantastic location, I immediately knew i needed to try it out. Since that first class, I’ve been hooked!

Genny inspires us to be active everyday! She is one hot mama-to-be!

Genny inspires us to be active everyday! She is one hot mama-to-be!

What are your fitness &/or wellness goals?

My immediate goal is to maintain my current workouts and stay as active as possible through the end of my pregnancy. In general, living a healthy lifestyle and working out everyday makes me feel good, stay energized, and sleep better.  I need to improve my flexibility and mobility in order to be able to lift heavier weights and get stronger.

How has MOVE helped you reach these goals?

The knowledgeable coaches and personal attention that I’ve received at MOVE has helped me push myself in workouts and also point out things I need to work on. Participating in the nutritional challenges has also been a beneficial experience. I can workout as much as I want, but if I eat the wrong things at the wrong times, my body is not going to mirror the results of my workouts.  

Genny is a superstar!

Genny is a superstar!

How do you stay motivated to be consistent with your MOVE workouts?

I love the variety of the MOVE workouts and know I’ll never get bored doing them.  While I have enough personal motivation to get to a workout everyday, whether it be going on a run, a spinning class, MOVE, or Bar Method, I like how MOVE challenges you to do one more round, one more rep, or add that extra weight I wouldn’t normally do on my own.

What are you looking forward to next?

I am obviously most excited to meet our baby boy and experience the ways that having children completely change your life for the better. I see how much I love all of my dogs, so can only imagine how much we will love our baby.  I have read several female athletes’ pregnancy stories and many say how quickly they were able to recover, gain their fitness back, and even reach a higher level of fitness post pregnancy.  I am looking forward to seeing how I can push myself to new limits and set new goals.

July 21, 2015

The Oxygen Mask Theory

By Coach Jarrod

What is the Oxygen Mask Theory? When you’re on a plane and if the oxygen masks fall, the attendants tell you to help yourself first and then proceed in helping others. It’s a theory I heard on Lewis Howes’ Podcast, Greatness, by one of his guests. I really liked the notion of taking care of one’s self to begin to serve others better.

How can this relate to fitness or even life?

It’s quite simple really. Take care of YOUR wellbeing first; physically and mentally. Mix that with the proper nutrition, and you will have more to give to others, i.e. family, friends, and loved ones. I know what you’re thinking! Easy for me to say, right? I’m in the fitness industry and own a gym. I always make the right choices when it comes to food, exercise, and sleep. Only in a perfect world and only if I was an emotionless machine! Coach Katy had a great point in her last post: life isn’t fair! We all have crazy families, millions of things to do, and endless stressors that we deal with on a daily basis. Many times things happen outside of our control, almost everyday. It’s called life :) The best thing about life though, is we have a CHOICE in how we deal with our circumstances.  It’s a simple as CHOOSING to:

Eat right.

Move more.

Sleep better.

Those 3 steps give you the mental ability to take your circumstances in stride and handle them with grace.



Eat right.


In theory, there are many things we can do to improve our diet but the easiest to modify, in my opinion, is sugar consumption.

There are multiple studies showing sugar giving the brain a ‘reward’ signal similar to methamphetamines. So your brain chemistry literally changes when you have sugar and tells you you want more, more often. We’ve all heard sugar is bad but yet we all have our vices and things we are unwilling to give up because “we can’t”.

Food is medicine and can literally alter our mood and state of mind for the better. Simply read the nutrition label and find the amount of sugar.  A great rule of thumb: if it has more than 10g of sugar per serving and packaged, try and find a healthier replacement, it is not good for you! Be thoughtful with what you put in your basket and bring into your home. Starting to be conscientious of your sugar intake is a powerful step in the right direction!



MOVE more.


Studies  show, even a little exercise can significantly improve your overall satisfaction with life. That sounds like a no brainer! Everyone is looking for satisfaction in their life! Try to eliminate an hour of chair time from your daily routine. If you work at a desk, set an alarm to get up every hour and stretch. More and more research is starting to show how detrimental sitting is to our health. The more you MOVE the better you feel! Choose to MOVE every damn day!



Sleep better. 


Get 8 hours of sleep each night. Duh, everyone says that! Quality sleep is essential for your body and brain to be at its best. Even if you think you’re that one person who “does better with 6”, you’re still missing the opportunity to go from better to best! Quality sleep improves mood and memory, which I think are essential to being a parent 😀. Just a hypothesis though. I don’t have little kiddos yet, I do work A LOT and the one thing I very rarely give up is sleep! That means, no late dinners during the week, no alcohol (going 3 months strong), no TV or phone screens 30 minutes before bed, and making sure the AC is cranked down before bedtime!

Now jumping from regularly getting 5-6 hours and starting to try to get 8 hours can be difficult, and honestly, the whole household needs to be on the same page and should hold sleep in high regard. Children should also know how important sleep is and how it can even benefit their attitude in school and their ability to learn.  A great way to build up to 8 hours is to gradually add sleep to your nightly schedule in 15 minute increments. It’s hard to notice 15 minutes and new habits are not created over night! Continue until you reach 8 hours. You will be glad you did!!

Taking care of those 3 things for yourself will only benefit the people around you! Doing only 1 of these 3 will not give you a lot of progress. To start seeing any results, you need to start practicing at least 2. As the saying goes, you can’t love anyone unless you love yourself. It’s hard to love yourself and others if you don’t take care of yourself first!

If you liked some of these tips or would like more info on how to be better in those 3 areas, I pulled them from, Eat Move Sleep, by Tom Rath. Excellent book and easy read! The website even has an outlined plan to follow. If you are a fellow MOVER, you can jump onto our next Nutritional Lifestyle Challenge and become educated about these areas as well! It’s starting August 10th!

Which of these 3 things do you struggle with most? Leave me a comment and I would love to help you make small changes.

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July 8, 2015

Are you MOVING in or out of town?

By Coach Jarrod

Some friends over at Square Cow Moovers sent us this awesome write up to keep you safe during moving season! Hope you enjoy!

Square-Cow-MoversSummer is the high season for moving, which means more people will be packing up, lifting boxes and hauling furniture from one house to the next. There’s no denying that most professional movers are beasts that are used to heavy lifting on a daily basis. But the common man or woman – typically we aren’t as physically prepared for a move.

You can plan every little detail in advance, but failing to shape up before you ship out will not only make moving day exhausting it could also lead to an injury that sidelines you for the rest of the summer. The solution – strength training.

Strength training uses weight and resistance to build muscle, but it also strengthens ligaments and tendons. This is important for movers since joint injuries are among the most common issues that occur during a move. Lifting heavy objects can also do a number on your back and pull other ill-prepared muscles as well.

The stronger your body is the less likely it is that you’ll get injured while moving. Let’s get ready for your move with a strength training routine that targets the right muscles and works for people of all fitness levels.

Customizing the Workouts for Your Fitness Level  

The name of the game is to increase strength and not push yourself too hard too fast. We advise that you start training at least a month before your move and slowly build your strength. Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to modify exercises so it’s a challenge without being too much to handle. There are two key ways to customize strength training exercises:

Increase or decrease weight

Increase or decrease reps

If you’re a beginner you can use your own body weight as the resistance. People that have a little more experience or are athletic by nature can add weights to maximize the results. To avoid straining muscles add just 5% more weight at a time. Resistance bands are another way to increase the difficulty so the muscles have to work more.

NOTE: If you’re a beginner, working out on machines is usually safer. Machines offer a little more support for muscles and reduce the risk of injury.


Lift with your knees not your back. We’ve all heard that piece of advice, but if your lower half is out of shape your knees could suffer as well. Build up hamstrings and quadriceps.

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Stair Climbing
  • Step-ups


Pulled back muscles are the #1 injury during moves. In addition to using proper technique when lifting heavy objects, movers should also target the back during strength training workouts.

  • Hip Bridge – increase resistance by lifting one leg
  • Quadruped Arm/Leg Raise – increase resistance by adding wrist and ankle weights
  • Reverse Fly
  • Bent Over Row


It may not seem like your mid section will make much of a difference during a move, but a strong core increases overall strengthen and stability. Build up midsection strength with the following exercises:

  • Crunches
  • Air Bike – increase resistance by adding leg weights
  • Side Planks – increase resistance by lifting one leg
  • Front Plank
  • Quadruped

Arms and Shoulders

When you’re lifting a lot of boxes it’s only natural that stronger arms will make the job easier. This is definitely the case if you have to lift anything overhead. Prepare your arms and shoulders with these moves:

  • Shoulder/Overhead Press
  • Bicep Curls
  • Pushups
  • Bench Dip
  • Bench Press

Weight training increases stamina, stability and strength – three things that will make your move easier and safer this summer. These simple yet effective workouts can be done at the gym or at home with basic equipment. All it takes is 30-60 minutes three times a week to improve strength in about a month. To keep on track add workouts to your moving schedule.


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July 3, 2015

MOVEr Spotlight: Christal Murray

By Erin

Congratulations Christal Murray!

-MOVEr since June 2012-

Tell us about yourself!

Christal and her family

Christal and her family

Our family moved to Austin 6 years ago, after being out of state for several years. I have 2 young boys and a foster daughter and work full time as a physician. At this point in life, I don’t feel like I have time to have any “interests” outside of spending time with my family and friends and working.  Our big project this year is trying to start up a preschool for foster and needy kiddos through our church.

What inspired you to become a MOVEr?

I have consistently worked out inconsistently throughout my adult life. I would typically run for a few months, train for something and then get bored, tired of it and quit after the event.  With each additional child, even the inconsistent work outs became more difficult to accomplish and I exercised less and less. I missed it, but couldn’t figure out how to make it part of my day to day life.  A friend of mine introduced me to MOVE 3 years ago. I realized that I needed something that would keep me challenged, interested and that I could do early before anyone else was awake and MOVE provided all of those things.

What are your fitness &/or wellness goals?

I see a huge variety of people in my work. I see 90 year olds who are in great shape, independent and active and I see 60 year olds who take 60 seconds to get up from a chair. To the degree that I can control it, my primary goal is if I live to be 80 or 90, I want to be able to care for myself, move around easily and not be limited because I was sedentary when I was younger. I won’t ever be the fastest or strongest, but the work I put in today will impact my independence decades from now. 

Christal is a dedicated 5:15AM MOVEr!

Christal is a dedicated 5:15AM MOVEr! She has come to almost 250 classes.

How has MOVE helped you reach these goals, and what advice do you have to stay active?

I really enjoy going to MOVE. I love being done with my work out before the rest of my day starts. It is geographically convenient and the early morning class times work with my schedule, so I don’t have any excuses to not be consistent. Also, as I won’t be 80 years old for a while longer, I have to keep at it. It is really helpful for have a goal, whether short-term of long-term just to stay motivated. And then get some accountability, whether it is a friend, spouse or some type of technology to help you keep track of goals and successes.

July 2, 2015

How Functional Fitness Improved My Life: By Coach Daphne

By Erin

Back in the day when my workouts consisted of 45 minutes on the elliptical and endless bicep curls and sit-ups, I felt an obvious disconnect between my time in the gym and my time outside of the gym. I considered my workouts to be a daily hour of torture, separate from the rest of my life. And my only criteria? The number on the scale, of course! In my pre-MOVE days, it was easy to get down on myself if that number wasn’t budging.   

One of my recent playgrounds: Sculpture Falls!

One of my recent playgrounds: Sculpture Falls!

However, when I became a MOVEr, my functional workouts seamlessly became a part of my lifestyle and my criteria for a healthy body changed. Making a switch from dreaded “globo gym” workouts to functional fitness classes improved so many aspects of my life. Here are just a few recent examples of how MOVE’s functional movements have benefited me:

When I went swimming at Sculpture Falls a few weeks ago, I was happy to be able to get out of the water by using a big step-up to climb onto a rock! Just two years ago I would have had to wade to the shallowest part of the water to get out.

When I traveled with my two suitcases most recently, I carried one in each hand (and kept my chest up and shoulders back, of course!) and executed a farmer’s carry from car to hotel. My weekly challenge to make only one trip from the car to my kitchen with all of my grocery bags is an additional farmer’s carry that has gotten easier over my time at MOVE.

In front of the Cologne Cathedral in my sweet MOVE tank!

In front of the Cologne Cathedral in my sweet MOVE tank!

I definitely do my share of deadlifts every time I reorganize my apartment and move my chairs and tables around, or every time I pick up a new box of LaCroix Sparkling Water cans from the grocery store floor.

I no longer need help when placing my luggage in the overhead compartment on airplanes, because I can just recruit my legs, hips, and shoulders and safely push press the bag up there!

I’m not saying that we naturally replicate every single MOVE exercise or movement outside of MOVE classes (I still haven’t found myself unintentionally doing burpees, for example…), but MOVE’s commitment to functional fitness and its focus on mobility work have improved my quality of life. By learning how to lift things with proper form and by getting stronger with so many common day-to-day movements, I feel empowered to safely MOVE through any adventure that comes my way!

Yours in health,